Towerkop – magic mountain


Snow on Towerkop (rough translation: Magic Mountain) is not a regular occurrence, so we were grateful to be there on the day it happened. Towerkop is one of the highest peaks near Ladismith and one of the most unique landscape features in the area. The story is told in many variations but roughly explains that a witch flew into the peak and then, out of anger and surprise, struck the mountain with her broom, thus causing the cleft in the peak.

There is also the extremely interesting story of the first brave climber to make it to the top, leaving a sock as evidence, but in scorn had to prove himself by climbing it again, this time with a team to claim his fame.

Also featured regularly in Langehoven’s (Afrikaans poet) work, the mountain gained even more fame. Ladismith is surrounded by mountains and is the ideal visiting place for climbers, from beginner to advanced. However, do take into account that mountains are dangerous and this should be attempted with a guide on all occasions.

An interesting read and some more info on Ladismith’s mountains: