Touch two mountains – LEOPARD’S CLIFF HIKING TRAIL

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This picturesque hike lures you into the mountains with a walking trail that’s ever decreasing and the skyscraper cliffs on both sides of the riverbed.

Before you know it, you are there, walking the walk. Now, when we got a farm in Ladismith I thought the earth was flat and what do you know; it’s not. Mountains, mountains everywhere! The town of Ladismith, on Route 62 in the Klein Karoo, has so many mountains that it just begs for an International Mountain Climbing event!

The stunning and unique flora, called Succulent Karoo (they vary in appearance; from little roses to water-filled bubbles), gives this Klein Karoo farm quite a unique terrain. Where most of the Klein Karoo (and parts of the farm) is semi-desert, this little piece of earth, just a dot on the world map, boasts thousands of totally unique plants that co-exists with a very spectacular & distinctly different look. The Klein Karoo is rated under the top 10 most protected biodiversities in the world.